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Love Letters
Before I could write, I would scribble notes to my parents in made-up lettershapes. Later on - and through Art Academy - this playing with lettershapes developed into strong logo / dynamic visual identity design and lettering art. Which I still enjoy doing today.

Everyday Wonder
I've been taking pictures of whatever catches my eye daily since january 1st 2009. Every day I select one. In adding a title I try to go beyond the obvious. It helps me to keep an eye on what's going on in my inner world too. And I keep surprising myself :-)

Most people like to have a sense of security and steadiness. I enjoy change and flexibility. This is why I choose to lead a nomadic life with a minimum of stuff. In need of a house (plant/animal) sitter? I’ll be happy to take good care of everything that means the world to you, in exchange for a place to stay for a while.

References on request // hi@ariannenotenboom.com