Before we introduced our new logo, we, of course, did some research on associations with - therefore possible meaning of - the new symbol, without providing any context.
. . . .

Fallen question mark that really would have wanted to be infinite

Two question marks, but one of them is not sure

The endless question. The question of all questions...

An eternal question mark

Always, always those questions

#isitgreen? That is to say: is it environmentally-friendly?! (#Savetheplanet)

The question continues. De onopgeloste vraag.

The quest

Something with forever taking pills ?

The intention of eternity, but is it..?

Questions, or indeed answers to green issues?

One way or the other

Endless (green?) scavenger hunt

Land vs water


Never stop asking questions!

Infinitely sustainable


A green consultancy firm that thinks along and does not stop until the client is completely happy

Our Chief Executive Researcher Arianne Notenboom has been keeping a photodiary since january 1st 2009. She walks about the world and takes pictures daily. Beautiful, boring, thrilling, funny, awkward pictures. By adding titles to them, she makes the viewer look at the world in a different way. I spy with my little eye... And that's what makes her work unique and surprising.

People give meaning to all that surrounds them. Meaning is therefore subjective and context-related. There is no Truth, there is always an other way to look at things - and that's what I like to do. Welcome to my world.

www.arieinwonderland.com // instagram

Do you want to do some research on your own view on the world and compare it with friends or collegues in a playful way? Book a groupticket to Wonderland: workshop wonderland

Visual research of tension between art/culture (the contrived) and nature (organic). Evoking questions concerning the relationship between city dweller and nature, the way they influence eachother and (by doing so, inevitably) the world as a whole. Also acting as metaphor for reasearch concerning other apparant contradistinctions such as eternity and now, spirit and matter, individual and collective, freedom and certainty, form and content.

The world is a playground. Analogue, tangible and always on the move. 

A refusal to be narrowed down to a single crisp and easy to digest description as so many of us, our stories, our work and purpose (etc) are today. Instead an attempt to visualise the concept that nothing is ever ‘done’, complete or wholly coherent, but always a reflection of a specific point in time and space. The project thus in itself reflecting the process of ongoing research of the complexity and the ostensible contradictions of meaning and life.

GottaBeHave is about universal values. They are found in religion, myths, legends and fairy tales from all times and from all over the world. The shapes of the letters are playfully converted to graphic signs. At first glance you might not see the hidden word. Good. They are meant to be like symbols, a secret language, an acquired understanding.

Why? To inspire people to look at the world differently and think about what is really valuable to them. Hopefully contibuting to creating a world where everybody will be both physically and mentally fulfilled. And have some fun along the way.

Values that go for all of us. For a better life, for a better world, for everyone.


With portraits of people of who we have no clue who they are, who painted them and why. With tools we don't know how to use (anymore) and what for. With whatever other confusing objects and experiences we can aqcuire. Situated in disorienting surroundings with incomprehensible routing and signs, in which nothing acts or is as might be expected. Inviting the visitor to give meaning to it all. Or to a bit. Or not. Or just go completely bonkers.

* This is a concept project. Please contact us if you feel like being part of making it real.

Unknown territory. A fun game to get to know eachother better and create more connection and understanding on different levels. 

* Concept en design mostly done (though always open to suggestions while being developed). Testphase 1 was a succes. Ready to move forward. Please contact us if you want to (help) take this idea to a next level.

Signage for the spiritual world. Guidance in matters of existentialism and other nagging voids that are part of the the human condition. For instance. Playful reminders of what really matters, has true value, in life. Pointers to break away from materialism, routine and efficiency.

* This is a concept project and is open for more guides.

Old myths are still very influential in creating and sustaining values, beliefs and conditioning that are held dear in our cultures, but they do not seem to fit the new insights of the ever changing world anymore that well anymore. We feel they need to be adapted or maybe even recreated to be able to keep on inspiring and guiding humankind.

* This is a concept project. Join us in our quest.

Award for a brilliant visual pun.

* Snigger along

The Official Institute for Visual Research Of Meaning is empowered by (i.a.) Mr. and Mrs. Notenboom-Kronemeijer (Patronage) and mrs S. Bergervoet (Advisory Board).

There are currently openings in both bodies.

Please use this link to apply for membership. We will be in touch shortly after receiving your application. Thank you.